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The Tax office in the Netherlands considers the Tietze and costochondritis Patients Association as an institute for the common good (ANBI). This means that the association and its donors are eligible for tax deductions.

Deductible donations (Dutch)

Donations and gifts from our donors are, under certain circumstances, tax deductible from income- and corporate tax. The association is also exempt from paying inheritance and gift tax.

ANBI  details for the Tietze syndrome and Costochondritis  Association.

To obtain an ANBI status the Tietze syndrome and Costochondritis Association must publicly provide specific information. They are as follows:

  • Name of institution: Vereniging voor Tietze en Costochondritispatienten
  • RSIN/Fiscal Nr. : 814242960
  • Contact details: Gelukken 15, 5552 LD Valkenswaard, (link sends e-mail)


To support and represent the interests of patients suffering from the chronic form of Tietze Syndrome and/or Costochondritis, and every issue that is related to this disorder in the widest meaning of the word.

Board of management

The Board consists of four members: Inge Geurts/chairman; Anja van Halen/Treasurer; Jannie Dorst/secretary; Rob Braamburg/boardmember.

Remuneration structure Board members:

Board members don’t receive payment for their work. They are volunteers from the Association. However the statutes state that the board members receive compensation in case engagements are away from home or during normal work hours. Only real expenses made by the board members are compensated.

Remuneration structure Committee members

The associations has many volunteers who are part of committees. The committee members don’t receive payment for their work. They are volunteers from the Associaton. Remunerations to these committee members are based on actual expences made by the committee members.

Financial disclosure

Financial disclosure can be obtained from the treasurer

Association’s statue’s can be obtained from the secretay

Associations house rules can be obtained from the secretay

Complains procedure can be obtained from the secretay

Integrity policy can be obtained from the secretay

More information about ANBI can be found on the website of the tax office (link is external)

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