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In order to join forces and make use of existing initiatives that can strengthen our association, our patient association is affiliated with several umbrella organizations:


ReumaNederland: The platform for people with rheumatism and rheumatism-related complaints. ReumaNederland helps us to strengthen medical information and research in the field of Rheumatism-related disorders. For the website of ReumaNederland look at the website of ReumaNederland. (link external website)

Ieder(In): is an umbrella organization for patient associations where labor participation, access to education and public transport and other policy themes are discussed from the patient’s perspective.(Link external website)

PGO support: PGOsupport supports client organizations – network connections of and for people with a condition or limitation – with advice and assistance. Client organizations share knowledge and experience with and through PGOsupport.( Link to external Website).

Medical Information

The association is a collective of peers and are not medically trained. However, we try to collect and place published articles and treatment protocols here as carefully as possible in order to help increase the knowledge within the medical target group.

If you practice a healthcare profession yourself and if you have experience in treating and or diagnosing Tietze and/or costochondritis, we would love to know. Or if you have articles, treatment protocols or information for other practitioners and doctors that might be of interest, please let us know, we will then also publish this information on our website with your permission. You can contact

The links below have been collected from the internet and provide an overview of the various medical and treatment sites where information about the conditions can be found.

The above information is not exhaustive but only gives an impression of what can be found on the public internet.


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