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About us

We are a group of dutch people suffering from Tietze Syndrome and Costochondritis. We are the location for exchange of knowledge and experience and were fellow sufferers can meet . Medical Professionals can learn about the latest developments around this disorder. Our goal is to support and represent the interests patients suffering from the chronic form of Tietze Syndrome and/or Costochondritis, and every issue that is related to this disorder in the widest meaning of the word.

About what we do

  • Support group contacts
  • Monthly chat through intranet
  • Digital support contact through a forum.
  • Regional and national support group meetings
  • Annual national support contact day with lectures from medical specialists.


  • General information about the Tietze Association in a public website.
  • Digital periodic newsletter.
  • Possibility to ask a question on a contact form on the website.
  • Documentary with information and stories from fellow sufferers. (DVD and You tube)
  • Brochure with information about the disorder.
  • Specific information for members on a shielded part of our website.
  • Lectures for interested third parties.

Advocating  medical interests

  • Coalitions with the “Rheuma Fonds” and “Ieder(in)
  • Joint activities with other patient organisations in the matter of work participation.
  • Raise awareness and expertise for medical practitioners.
  • Participating in medical research from a patient’s perspective.

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Latest News

Latest News

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