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Very little information about Tietze Syndrome and costochondritis can be found in the popular  scientific literature. Medical publications only have basic information, and even internet gives limited information, which hardly address the personal experiences from patients. This is the reason why we created this website.

Tietze syndrome was named in 1921  after its German discoverer Dr. Alexander Tietze.

Dr. Alexander Tietze was born on 6 February 1864 in Liebnau, Neumark. He studied medicine in Breslau (Wroklau) and past his doctoral in 1887. From 1888 til 1895 Tietze worked as assistant in the surgical clinic in Breslau. In 1894 he was promoted to surgion and in 1896 he became chief surgion in the All Saints Hospital. Tietse wrote an excelent book on emergency surgery, published in 1927, and wrote many books and publications on other medical matters. Dr. Tietze died on 27 March 1927 in Breslau.

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