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A good and at the same time simple way to test whether the pain is related to Tietze or Costochondritis can be done in the following manner. Press carefully but with some force on the painful spot near the sternum or the rib. If the pain gets much worse, there is a good chance that it is Tietze and/or costochondritis. If the pain is related to the heart, the pain would not get worse when pressure is applied, as it is well protected behind the ribs in the chest.

The following self test can help to detect some of the symptoms of the affliction. If the majority of the questions can be answered with YES, it most likely is Tietze or costochondritis

Symptoms Yes No
Sharp pain near the sternum
Sharp pain near the ribs, collar bone or spine
Pain gets worse when pressed upon
Pain gets worse when chest and ribs are exerted
Swelling of the cartilage under the sternum
Sensitivity of the cartilage of the sternum and ribs
Discolouration of the skin near the painful spot(s)
Just given birth
Recently put much stress on the chest
Frequently exerting the chest by coughing or sneezing

Always consult you doctor for further examination, further information and tests


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