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The Work Participation Tool can help to strengthen the work position of Tietze patients.

In the Netherlands, only 30% of people with a chronic disorders or handicap have a fully paid job. For those their job strengthens their participation in society. For the other 70% this “participation” is not so evident and causes financial hardship. Some 15 patient organisations have developed a work participation tool on a website and as an App.


People with a chronic disease or a handicap will most likely end up in social welfare, their business will often go bankrupt or they make an agreement for a small allowance from the  UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) because no fitting solution can be found to maintain a  job with their limitations. Work is important to improve the financial position and thus allow better participation in society.


The reason that work participation is not working well has several causes. Very often employers, managers and colleagues  are unfamiliar with the disorder. This can cause problems on the work floor. This also applies for professionals and caretakers. But the people with a chronic disorder or handicap themselves are not always aware of the effect of their affliction on their work; the solutions that can be found and their right and laws when the situation becomes problematic are often unknown to them. This unfamiliarity and prejudice can hinder the communication between employee and employer (and others) and hamper the process of  finding practical  solutions for problems that may occur on the work floor.


The Dutch Work Participation Tool is meant for people with limitations, as well as employers, managers, colleagues, social services, health and safety doctors, benefit agencies and GP’s. With this tool we want to strengthen the work position of  people with Tietze or other chronic diseases. Users can find answers on questions on work in relation to their disease or handicap, where to find support for a situation on the job, how to improve the possibilities that work participation gives, or tips on job applications and interviews. This tool is also available on a mobile website. We hope that the Work Participation Tool will take away a lot of cold water fear from employers and avoid problems on the work floor. We hope to achieve that more people with a  disorder or handicap can fully participate in society.

 Participation Act

To develop the Work Participation Tool, the participating patient organisations have received a grant from the ministry of health, wellbeing and sport. The development track is conform to the current trend that everyone should be able to participate to his or her capacity. The participating patient organisations are: Tietze syndrome and Costochondritis  Association, ADHD. Grow Hormone Defect, Restricted Grow, Hernia, Headache, Pituitary Disease, Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), Liver diseases, PDS, Psoriasis, Backache, Sclerodermie, Scoliosis, SLE and Food Allergy.

Dutch Tools

The website (link is external)

The app for mobile telephones “Arbeidsparticipatietool Tietze”, which will bring you up to speed to Tietze and work in a few minutes, can be found in the app store.

(please note that above sites and info is all in Dutch)


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