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The association of Tietze and costochondritis patients has, in collaboration with Centrum Chronic Illness and Work (CCZW), certified an experience expert coach. In addition to his / her professional background in coaching and guiding people, this coach also has a chronic disorder and is familiar with Tietze and costochondritis.

For who?

You have Tietze Syndrome and / or costochondritis, or other chronic conditions and experience bottlenecks in your daily social life, work, study, volunteer work, etc.
Or, for example, your employer sees a decline and is afraid of absenteeism with all its consequences. You may run into problems with the benefits agency.

You can feel more vulnerable than before!

What can an experienced expert coach do for you?

An experience expert coach offers support, coaching and advice for example:

  • Participation in social life (voluntary work, informal care, social activities)
  • Mourning (loss of health and for example work)
  • Finding taxability and tax (finding a balance)
  • Work related problems (tasks, workload, adjustments, facilities, guidance on the work floor)
  • Communication with the employer, manager, company doctor, colleagues and paying agencies
  • Career paths (How to get to other work, study etc., talent development)
  • What does it mean to have a chronic illness within eg relationships, family but also financially.
  • Dealing with having a chronic illness, the insecurity that that entails and the bottlenecks that can be experienced in young people who study.

Why choose an experience expert coach?

The added value of an experiential expert coach lies mainly in the fact that the coach knows what it is like to live and work with a chronic condition. The contact is equal and the coachee often feels better understood by the empathy of the coach, who, besides his / her professionalism, also has a chronic disorder.

For members of the association the intake and the first meeting are free!

Contact and information

Roelanda Prins - ervaringsdeskundige coach TietzeFor questions and advice, please feel free to contact the experience expert coach.

For the association that is: Roelanda Prins
To reach via mail or 0620889417.

View the experience expertise certificate.

Make use of it!

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