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Contact with other fellow sufferers and exchange of experiences can help and give comfort. You are after all not the only one with this disorder.

To  make contact with fellow sufferers, we can offer our members the following facilities:

  • On the first Monday of the month between 19.00 and 20.30 hrs we have through intranet a own shielded groupchat between members. Every week the chat will have a special theme, but just casual chatting is also allowed.
  • Outside the above times chatting is also available betweem members. This makes chatting with fellow sufferers very easy.
  • On facebook the Tietze Assocation has its own shielded group
  • Every year in spring the Tietze Association organizes somewhere in the Netherlands our general meeting for members which we combine with some fun activity.
  • Every year we organise a weekend, where there is time for exchange between members,  fun activities, and information. We stay always at a nice  and relaxing location where we can also enjoy some culinary extravagance.


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