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More and more short documentaries  about Tietze syndrome are becoming available. That is why the Tietze syndrome and Costochondritis  Association will open its own YouTube channel where the most important selection of these documentaries can be seen. But for now we refer you to the following links.

  • Our own Tietze documentary on YouTube. The video itself is in Dutch. English subtitles are available.

The Tietze syndrome and Costochondritis  Association published a brochure (dutch) to inform on the most essential issues about Tietze Syndrome and the Tietze syndrome and Costochondritis  Association. It is  available for patients, medical professionals and other interested persons. The brochure can be downloaded (link is external )  printed and handed to professionals, family and friends. By spreading this brochure, you are helping to make the disorder known to the mainstream. The folder can be downloaded here.

Chronic Tietze or Costochondritis, learn to live with it. (Dutch) is the title of the E-book  that was commissioned by the Tietze syndrome and Costochondritis  Association. The book shows that many challenges lie before a Tietze / Costochondritis patient. Physical problems, fear, helplesness and lack of understanding can wreak havoc and result in discomfort. The book is sold out. In 2017 it will be available as a Dutch E-book,

Carebook about Tietze  (Dutch) (published 2016)  In 200 pages you get complete and  clarifying information on research, treatment and the impact of Tietze Syndrome. The care book also contains a collection of practical solutions, carefully composed by hands-on experts. Being very complete means also that taboos are broken and in all openness discussed: relationship  problems, sexuality or real experiences from experts. A care book offers support in a times of destitute. No time-consuming explanation, but clear and direct, with applicable solutions. The book is also a guide. Many people are looking for specific aid for a cumbersome complaint. Often you know the names of care workers or agencies but are less aware of what they can do for you. The care book gives an insight  at the  possibilities which could maybe make your life a little more pleasant. The book can be ordered  at the webshop of Stichting September.

E-Book:( English)  External book written by Joy Atkins (website)

E-Book: (English) External book written by Stephanie Kenrose (website)


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