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Our association is there for members and also by members! Which means that our six-member board is formed by members, as well as our committees Associates and Information Services. They do this as a volunteer. Are we happy about that? YES. Is that sufficient? NO.

Previously mentioned members ‘pull the cart’. But as an association, in addition to activities that have to be taken up periodically with a certain amount of time, we also have smaller chores that occur occasionally. And that might be something for you! Occasionally doing something for the association that is clear in time. Which could also serve as a trial to see if you would like to do something for the association. From home. And maybe that little bit is just right now to combine with your available energy or your agenda. We call such small jobs ‘Work packages’. The board and the committees will collect these work packages and publish them on this page. Each line is also the link to the A4 on which the job is described incl. The amount of time that you probably need for this. Do you want to give it a try?  Many hands make light work.

Work packages commission Information provision

  1. Developing the Tietze care card in the Netherlands. Description of work package follows.

Work packages of the Committee on Advocacy

  1. Collecting for Reumafonds. Time investment: Annually about 2 hours per collection in your own place of residence.
  2. Generate support from healthcare providers. Description of work package follows.

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Latest News

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